.uk Domain Name Compliance

.UK Domain Compliance

Nominet UK is the .uk domain name registry in the United Kingdom. The are responsible for managing the UK’s official country code domain (TLD).

When you register a .UK domain name through us you are entering into two separate contracts, one is with Nominet UK and the other is with US.
This is known as a three-way-contract – details can be found  here.  on Nominet’s website

Compliance with both Nominet’s and our terms and conditions is a mandatory requirement relating to all .uk domains purchased through us, should confirmation of compliance not be explicitly given by the registrant then it is deemed to have been given by the registrant when ordering or completing payment for a domain name which ever is earlier.

* Nominet UK’s terms: https://www.nominet.uk/go/terms


Contacting Us

For all matters relating to .uk domain registration including abuse and complaints, please contact us by visiting our contact page, we will respond to all emails within 5 working days

Should you need to escalate your complaint please follow our complaints process available  here.


Domain Renewal and Expiry

All domains will be auto renewed 14 days in advance of the domain name expiring and will be billed 30 days in advance, unless we receive a request for cancellation 14 days before your domain expires. Our renewal fees are inline with our current registration fee detailed above.


Contract termination and domain transfers

If you wish to cancel your contract with us, please email  support@britseo.co.uk  no less than 30 days before your services are due to be renewed. Your account will only be deemed as terminated once all outstanding balances have been paid in full. Domains will only be considered for transfer once all balances have been settled. We will not charge you for transferring domains away to another registrar’s tag.